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The Church of St. Leonard
Rodney Stoke, Cheddar, Somerset


Friends of St. Leonard – Where does all the money go?


It is a legal requirement that an inspection is undertaken every 5 years at all Church of England churches. This inspection, commonly known as a Quinquennial Inspection and is conducted by an appointed architect or surveyor who produces a report listing the results of the inspection and the recommendations for repair and maintenance measures.

The Quinquennial Inspection covers the structure of the church, its exterior and interior, any movable articles of outstanding architectural, artistic, historical or archaeological value, any ruin in the churchyard which has been designated as being of outstanding value and any tree in the churchyard which is subject to a tree preservation order.

The report contains observations and recommendations for these items and their parts, as well as a table of priority work, grouped together according to their urgency. This allows the PCC to plan arrangements for the funding.

The report is not a specification for the works and the estimates are only a high–level indication of the costs. Where required, more detailed cost estimates or quotes will be required through a tendering process, a quantity surveyor or conservator to support any applications for funding or approval from the Archdeacon.

All work recommended in the report will require a faculty unless they are on the diocesan list of De Minimis works. Applications for Grant Aid often ask for the existence of a report less than 5 years old. PCC members need to be aware that unforeseen damage may develop between inspections and need to alert the inspecting architect if they have identified or suspect damage.




The 2009 Quinquennial Inspection Report is available here.