Baptism Policy  -  Benefice of Cheddar, Draycott and Rodney Stoke


We welcome anyone seeking baptism, and also offer a service of “Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child”, which is an alternative way to bless and name a child (but without the parents being asked to declare that they have a strong Christian faith and belief themselves). To ask for and discuss either option, please first contact our baptism Coordinator, Mrs Julie Hope, on 01934-742234.


From 1st June 2016 (other than baptisms/thanksgivings already arranged before this date), baptisms outside of normal Sunday services will only be arranged on the 3rd Sunday of any month, and at the following times:-


St Andrew’s, Cheddar           12 noon

St Peter’s, Draycott               1pm

St Leonard’s, Rodney Stoke 1pm


In the rare event of baptisms being requested in the same month in Draycott and Rodney Stoke, the Rector will either enlist the services of one of the honorary assistant (retired) priests in the Ministry Team, or move one of the baptisms to 2pm.


Exceptions to the above policy will be made only when: (1) there is a parent in the armed forces returning from duty over a specific weekend, or (2) there are close relatives of the family visiting from abroad over a specific weekend.


Baptisms during normal Sunday services will be offered on one Sunday per month in each of the churches; these Sundays can vary to suit the family and can be different Sundays in each church. There will not be more than one normal Sunday service per month per church in which there will be baptisms.


All families must be willing to join with other families if there is more than one child to be baptised at any occasion.


Stuart Burns


1 June 2016